Nominated Most Fascinating Student Blog of 2012


It is with great pleasure that I announce a nomination recently received for 2012's most fascinating student blog. Just being among the few student blogs on the internet has been quite a thrill, but this consideration is one I humbly accept. If you would like to voice your opinion and vote, the process will begin on August 21st and close on the 28th.

1. Follow this link to the voting page on or after August 21st, 2012.

2. Make sure you have Google Plus. If not, you will find the Google Plus UPGRADE Button on the Top Left of the page. Creating your profile will only take a few minutes.

3. Click on the double arrow beside "Comments" to view the entire list of nominees and look for your blog of choice...Your vote for Life as a Medical Student would be much appreciated :)

4. Hover your cursor at the end of the blog url and click the "+1". (Its in the same location where you see the votes for the other blogs.)

5. For blogs that already have votes, the  "+1" should be immediately beside the vote count to the right.

6. Invite your friends to cast their vote!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement! It has been a wonderful ride and I couldn't be happier living the dream that started so many years ago.
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