Graduation Day Is Here!


This post comes as another milestone arrives. I wasn't certain if I wanted this to be my last post as a medical student or the first as a physician. In the end, I think this entire day is in limbo between those two phases. Today is graduation day and like many of my colleagues, I am excited to leave the last four years of medical school behind and move on to the next adventure.

THE Biggest Milestone

While trying to figure out how to wear the graduation regalia can be quite the confusing task, it is exciting to be the one donning the apparel. For years I have admired those dressed in the robes of a doctoral graduate and patiently awaited my turn. In a few hours I will be joining the ranks of those who have gone before to commemorate years of education, sacrifice and desire. All this fanfare for a little pomp and circumstance, that's worth a photograph or two.

It is likely that one of the orators today comments on the ceremony being the "commencement" of our careers as opposed to the kneel of our educational experience. As more time passes, I come closer to understanding the weighted responsibility of what it means to carry the title of a doctor. For once this really does feel like a commencement wherein there is more ahead than what the past has known. How this is possible and how I am going to make it is beyond me, but it's a new leaf in life. Today closes one book and opens another. I couldn't be happier that this day has come!
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