The Final Exam


After the second year of medical school, students take the first of their board examinations, then a second board exam during the third year. A clinical patient encounter accompanies the second exam and fourth year is full of interviews which prove test enough to not need another board exam. One would think that post-medical school, the examination process ends and life returns to normal ebb and flow sans souci. Sadly, this is not the case. Enter residency...

Oiling the Rusty Mind

Months into residency and things are going great. Strolling wards, seeing patients and watching therapies take effect is a reward that hard work is paying off. But in order to pass intern year, the final round of board exams looms overhead holding in its death-grip the ability to moonlight in our post-graduate year II. This is where the intensive subject review satisfies the gap of knowledge from match day to test day. While passing scores are not required to be as high the third time around, we all want to perform well and put this exam behind us forever. It is said one needs to study two months for Level 1, two weeks for Level 2 and bring a #2 pencil for Level 3. Fortunately, many board exam resources are available so we don't have to rely on sheer luck.

With this third and final board exam I chose to prepare with the COMQUEST question bank for about one month in addition to my reading materials. One clear benefit that usually appeals to (over-worked and under-paid) residents is cost, which is generally lower than other question sets on the market. For those who might be curious what this Qbank has to offer, I have made some comments below highlighting both pros and cons. 

Per the folks at COMQUEST, audio and video style questions are soon to be added to the question bank. As a gift to dedicated readers and those interested in using this resource in their board exam preparations, when purchasing your subscription, enter the COMQUEST discount code CQMED10 for 10% off until 2/28/13. Please leave comments below with your feedback! 
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